nano science lab

Nano Science Lab is a Portable, Accessible and Cost-effective alternative to traditional science labs in schools to make science teaching more effective and interesting. 



First prize winner in Invent a new Experience for Heineken contest (2011)


kalya - multi fuel stove

Kalya is a simple, Low-cost Multi Fuel stove. Third prize winner in cook stove design competition held by the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at Cornell University, USA.


fastrack - contours

A few watches I designed during an internship at Titan Industries Ltd. in Bengaluru.


bele drain systems

Designed a few posters, brochures and made a few illustrations and 3D's for Bele Drain systems, Pune.


think unique - think ricard

Second Prize winner in "Invent New ways to drink Ricard" contest organized by Kraft foods Global Inc. in 2012.

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GEL Nano Science Lab